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Bon Patissier

We Make It. You Bake It.

Bon Patissier supplies a comprehensive line of quality, ready-to-bake bakery and viennoiserie specialties. Flaky, flavorful, and oh-so-convenient.

Chocolate Croissant - Large 4.3"

Ready-to-bake, all-butter croissant with chocolate filling. Provides mouthwatering flaky pastries with none of the hassle. Incredible time and labor savings.

Perfect for retail sales, buffets, breakfast, and coffee service. 

Plain Croissant - Medium 3.9"

Ready-to-bake all-butter croissant. All the flaky deliciousness with none of the hassle. Undoubtable time and labor savings.

Great for retail sales, buffets, breakfasts, and coffee service.


BY UTOPIE BAKERY This recipe was published in Pastry 1 Magazine. For twenty rolls CHEF'S TIP: Choose a high quality black sesame paste PASTRY CREAM WITH SESAME 900g whole milk 100g liquid cream (for whipp...
From left to right, Chef Calogero Romano, Chef Frederic Larre, Corporate Chef Eric Bertoia, and Chef Pascal Condomine. Have you ever heard of "writers block" or needed some inspiration? It happens to all of...

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